Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Embrace simplicity

Look at it. It is a simple raw broccoli floret. For almost her entire life, E has gagged or promptly removed any piece of broccoli on her plate. I have prepared it multiple ways - pureed as baby food, smothered with 'cheese', even puree hidden in ketchup, the favored dipping sauce. I am not sure why it never occurred to me to serve it raw, but like many things I had tried a number of times, I put it aside to try something else. Then she saw it raw on my plate one day and asked if it was broccoli. I told her it was raw, not cooked. "Why MOM have I not got raw broccoli?" Have to love those moments when the kids look at you as if you had a giant brain fart. Instead of answering, I placed a floret on her plate. She nibbled the bare top off and did not touch the stalk. She has since done very thin raw carrots and raw snow pea pods. And when I hear anyone say they are trying to embrace simplicity, I reply "Yes, simplest is often best."

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