Sunday, February 6, 2011

Experiment 1: homemade McDonald's style chicken nuggets

We eat at McDonald's about twice a year. The kids like the play structure more than the food so we don't venture there often. The usual fare is a Happy Meal for H, and a large french fries for E. One our last trip though, she tried the chicken Mcnuggets and asked me to buy her a box of her own, which she promptly gobbled up. Somewhat inspired that she was eating a new protein source, I made an  attempt to replicate them at home using this recipe.  Results - texture down pat, taste not. While the rest of the family heartily ate them, E haughtily claimed they were not from McDonald's. Although the nuggets were not eaten after the first bite, they weren't gagged on - which from my experiences thus far means a little tweaking on the recipe usually leads to an acceptable successful outcome.  I may have to actually visit the golden arches and buy some to test against for the right seasoning. Blech!

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