Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chicken nuggets - the rematch

Sometimes I think that E's reluctance to different foods is more due to stubbornness inherited from her parents than a sensory issue. Both my spouse and I have our moments, and it wouldn't surprise me if it genetically passed along to H and E. Still, being stubborn has an advantage when it comes to picking yourself up, dusting off, and trying again. Recently, a friend sent a recipe for baked chicken nuggets. It was soon after the last attempt so I let the recipe sit until today. This time I did it as is. No attempt to simulate McD by grinding the meat first. I decided  it might be better to get E used to the true texture of chicken. My thought is that it will make transition to other types of chicken recipes more realistic. She tried a bite and her face immediately went into complete dislike mode. I thought she might gag but she chewed and swallowed. She then looked at me with a mix of uncertainty and lost puppy dog. I said "Thank you for trying a bite. You did great." Then I ignored her. This approach has worked with allowing her to assume control of whether she eats more of the food. Sometimes she does; this time she didn't. At this point I don't know if I should keep pushing the chicken, or wait and try again later. 

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