Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Peanut Butter Soup

Initially, I think it sounds disgusting. I read off the title and was about to say "Gross" when E pipes in and says "I love peanut butter." I explained that this was peanut butter melted into soup not spread in a sandwich. The next day she asked if I could make it because she wanted to try some. When there is a direct request like that, who am I to deny? The recipe is simple enough - it is just a tomato based soup with some vegetables and peanut butter added. I creamed everything with my stick blender to make it creamy and smooth. She eyed it suspiciously the whole meal. She eyed me suspiciously the whole meal. I repeated that the peanut butter was in there. I went so far to simply describe it as peanut butter mixed with tomato sauce. "You like both those things, so you might like them mixed together." Then I ignored her. She sat there for a good 20  minutes after the rest of us slurped up our second helping of soup. (No, it was not gross). Tentative spoonful number one. Tentative spoonful number two. The verdict?  "I think I'll just have peanut butter in my sandwiches, not in soup."

This is another one of those double sided reactions for me. I am disappointed that there is nothing new to add to E's meal plan items; then again, she took two sips and did it politely, showing a vast continuing improvement in her willingness to at least try a different food. It's hopefully a tiny glimmer of what will someday turn into her telling me of some culinary adventure she's had and that I just have to try it.

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