Thursday, March 24, 2011

St Patrick's Week aka Week of Green

Last week, E asked me why she had to wear a green shirt for St Patrick's Day. I said she didn't have to but it was a tradition for that day. I also told her that some people who don't wear green get pinched, so she chose the green shirt over pinching. The conversation gave an idea for a food theme - green foods. I decided to start with St Patrick's day itself - we will have green food today in honor of St Patrick's Day. This is a big thing for me since I am usually anti-holidays that aren't really holidays. The more I thought about the reason though - exposure to some new and green foods - and the more both kids seemed excited about it, the more I repressed my inner grump.
Pistachio nuts
First up was something simple that was already liked - pistachios. They are yummy nuts with just a hint of green to them. Both my kids eat nuts like they are about to hibernate if I let them. (As an aside, try not to let your child eat too many. It can cause constipation.) We made smiley faces and other shapes with them. I read recently that allowing a child to play with their food a little can encourage better eating habits. These were a perfect little food to play with, and relatively mess free.

Kiwi fruit 'salad'
E having the kiwi.
Next I tried some kiwi fruit. Although the California season for kiwis is Nov to May, they taste best (to me) from February through April. I enlisted their help in making kiwi fruit salad. Hesitation. I expected it. A kiwi is brown & fuzzy, and not visually appealing. We performed our magic on it while I cut it - "ABRACADABRA!" - and there it was, green. They were mightily impressed. I spooned a little out to each birdie mouth, and they asked for more. So we had it with lunch. E ate a few pieces and said she could only eat pieces with no seeds. H only ate it if I fed it to her.

H dipping a chip in the "guacmoleeeee"
Last for that day was guacamole. After the kiwi fruit salad, H wanted to stay in the kitchen and make more "good stuff". So I did my mise en place, and she got to pour the "miz-ahn-pas" into the blender and push the button. She managed to scoop quite a bit into her mouth before I rescued some for the rest of us. E looked at it and said "I don't think so". Oh well, 2 out of 3 is good enough for me.

I tried a couple other foods that I'll post separately with recipes. I was able to do the green food theme across a few days until E told me she didn't think it was St Patrick's Day anymore. I think it's a fun idea for me to try again in the future but doing other colours.

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