Sunday, May 8, 2011

Care to sample my melons?

One of the best things about spring & summer is that certain fruits which are available year round suddenly taste like something. They are no longer just a bland blah wimpy version of themselves. Melons of all kinds fall into that category. Honeydew & cantaloupe appear in my grocery store all year but aren't worth the money. The taste and texture lack that juicy, sweetly aromatic flavor that melons provide. Having had more luck introducing new fruit during their usual season, we did melon tasting last week. I cheated slightly by going for convenience and buying the pre-cut melon cubes. This also would not leave me with a large amount of melon to consume if they weren't liked. We tried watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, and this weird little one I bought on impulse called Pepino melon.
Watermelon was the only one that both kids asked for more. The honeydew was perfectly sweet, but often that darn color green just is too much for either of them to overcome. The cantaloupe was okay. They ate one piece and stopped. The Pepino was a little out there. It was not at all melon-like in texture or taste. A little further research and I now know that the Pepino is actually a nightshade and therefore in the same family as eggplants & tomatoes; definitely not a melon. It is also naturally in season in the autumn which explains why it was ho-hum.

Pepino Melon

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Alie said...

At least it's cool-looking.

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