Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sisterly bossiness works better than maternal say-so

This will be a short entry but worthwhile. Tonight we tried a new whole grain spaghetti - Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Spaghetti - with meat sauce.

 It cooks in about half the time as regular pasta and has whole wheat, spelt, millet and some other whole grains blended in. E dissed it right away without even trying it. "I don't like spaghetti!"
I gave her some orange slices and she grabbed some crackers from the pantry. After those were done she said she was still hungry and asked if she could share her sister's oranges. H said "You can share my sketti." She was already on her 3rd helping. She scooped some on her fork and told E "Now EAT IT!" and she did. This happened about 5 times before E either realized she was having spaghetti or that she was being bossed around by someone shorter than her.

The spaghetti itself tasted nutty and good for a whole grain blend. It goes a little gummy when cold but this was how E and H ate it. 

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