Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mangoes Mangoes Mangoooooes!

When I was a child I remember my friends and I singing "Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes" (a chorus to a local Trinidadian folk song). We would climb up the mango trees and retrieve the yummiest juiciest mangoes and bite a hole in the skin and suck the juice out before peeling and eating what was left of the flesh. After years of living far away from that wonderful tropical place, I know there will never ever be a supermarket mango this far north that will meet that experience. I don't know how young they pick the mangoes or if they freeze them on the trip up, but they are always dry, sometime chalky. Something that makes you want to gag more than cheer. The picture is a good example of a typical mango here. It looks good on the outside. But cut it open and it's kind of blech.
Once in a while, you find a good one and when I do, the kids will eat it, but I have found that buying the frozen mango and letting it thaw tastes way better. We've also tried canned mango with  mixed feelings. E didn't care for it, H loved it, but she loves any kind of canned fruit with that awfully sweet heavy syrup on it.
One day I hope to  make a trip down to my childhood home and have them taste fresh mangoes, fresh coconut water, and  some roti that is unlike any flatbread elsewhere in the world. Until that day, they are happy watching videos of mangoes, such as this one we found recently. 

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