Friday, July 29, 2011

Star fruit

It's one of those weeks where life is very busy so this post will be short and sweet. Sweet like the star fruit, also known as carambola. A fruit that was in abundance where I grew up, and one that I knew would be liked, I scooped up a couple at my local whole foods store.

Both kids went nuts over the shape, and since they're in season during the summer, the fruit was juicy and delicious. I recommend peeling the thickest part of the skin which is on the tips of the 5 ridges, then slice thinly and serve. I know a person who peels all the skin off, but it's time consuming, and you're missing out on some fiber. A ripe star fruit will be a golden almost translucent yellow, and the ribs will be slightly brown at peak ripeness (another reason to trim it). And if your kid happens to be in the "yellow-beige" foods only phase of their life, this might scrape under their radar. 

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