Saturday, July 2, 2011


Cracked Conch
Live conch
We were on vacation for just under 2 weeks. And as much as I enjoy blogging, there was no way it was happening during vacation. I gladly went with little technology while gone. And E went with very little new food. It stands to reason - she was in new surroundings, new weather patterns (let's just say she is glad thunderstorms are not common at home since they freaked her out), new people, and a complete lack of routine. But she did try cracked conch and ate her whole plate! Maybe because it was deep fried that she ate it. I didn't care. I thought she would gag over it as conch can be a little chewy, similar to calamari but with a sweeter taste. If she had seen what it looks like before hand, it might be a different story. As you can see, the live conch does not look all that appealing, although the shell it lives in is quite pretty.  My personal favorite way to eat this is conch salad - like ceviche using conch. And as can be expected, my little lovely looked at it with a serious frown. She didn't even comment. Perhaps it was because the music was too loud, or the day was particularly hot. When asked what her favorite part of vacation was, she emphatically replies the beach. When asked about the food, she frets a little and says she prefers food at home. While I could be disappointed that she may not be a foodie like her mama, I am not. I take it as a high compliment that she likes her 'home food' above all others. :)

(BTW, all these photos were "borrowed". Goldie's at Arawak Cay was too dark for my phone camera to pick up the greatness that was lunch that day.)
Conch Salad

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