Monday, August 8, 2011

Baja Fresh versus Taco Hell

Last week at E's summer camp, her teacher excitedly told me she ate a bean burrito (Taco Bell style) at lunch. I was excited too. Lately, E has really hit a stride with trying new things, not just food, but activities, life, pushing herself just that little bit extra. It has been a pleasure to see her do it. And even if she doesn't like the new food, it has not stopped her effort to try a new one the next time she is offered. So today on my way home from work, I decided to get some Baja Fresh for dinner. I got two bean and cheese burritos and a cheese quesadilla for us to share. The portions are quite large and the price is just right. 
Hard to see, but this baby had real beans, not some canned mush 
Well, I was promptly informed that the burrito was not a proper bean & cheese burrito. The beans were not mushed up. I argued that beans should not be mushy. It didn't matter. I got sulky silence and watched her fill up on tortilla chips and strawberries (from home). And so while I was excited that she ate a bean burrito, I was also disappointed that the junk burrito won out. Then I looked up the nutrition stats. Maybe E was onto something. A Taco Bell bean burrito weighs in at 198 g per serving, and a whole Baja burrito weighs in at a whopping 392 g. If you standardize the nutrition numbers to the same size, you get similar numbers, but a whole lot more calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol in the Baja Fresh one. 

Table comparing nutrition of Taco Bell & Baja Fresh Beans & Cheese Burritos
So they're both junky. And I will be making a homemade bean burrito soon and seeing how that goes down.

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Heather said...

The bean burritos are the ONLY thing on the taco bell menu that I would consider putting into my body. I'm with E, they're waaay better than the baja fresh ones. It'll be interesting to see how she does with the homemade ones. My girls won't eat refried beans at all, although Aria will eat bean dip if they have it on the table at a restaurant...

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