Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Egg Yolks are in!

Some of you with autistic or ADHD children (or any children with gastrointestinal issues) may recognize this book:

I’m in the midst of reading it. Some of it is a repetition (in my opinion) of earlier books connecting the inability to digest certain proteins and fats with the resulting mental symptoms that occur with autism and ADHD. I’ve read before about leaky gut syndrome, incomplete peptide breakdown, heroin-type addiction. We did the GFCF diet for almost 3 years and saw some improvement in my daughter’s abilities, her mental awareness, and her own slight intestinal problem. We added those back in slowly and saw no reaction or degradation of progress. But I also saw no further progress. I toyed with the idea of going back on the diet and while searching through some other blogs and websites, came across this book. I even tried the intro diet. I lasted 4 days. It was a little too rigid. I get that you have to simplify what you eat to heal. And maybe if I was in need of healing, I could have stuck to the six phases.

But I wasn’t and so I didn’t. What I have liked about the book though is that some of the suggestions for adding nutrients and fortification to food can be done easily. What each food contributes in terms of nutrients and how they connect to the body and brain processes is explained very well. Adding an egg yolk to soup broth for example: egg yolks are easy to digest, full of nutrients including choline which is involved in the development of cognitive processes. And thanks to me trying this out, and reaching my “I’m done” point, I began eating a bunch of hard boiled egg yolks.

E spied me and asked what I was eating. She asked if she could sniff it. Then she asked if she could try one. She balked a little at the texture, but she gobbled down two. That was 2 weeks ago. She has since had a hard-boiled egg yolk every day for breakfast. And since it contains vitamin A, E, D, K, essential fatty acids, choline, and a host of other wonderful things, I am thrilled she is getting some seriously unprocessed nutrition. Maybe soon we can kick those gummy vitamin supplements to the curb.

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