Saturday, January 7, 2012

Homemade Date Snack Bars (better than LARAbar)

When it comes to snack bars, my kids aren't crazy about most of them. This is actually fine with me, since most snack bars in my eyes have very little redeeming value in the way of nutrition versus sugar content. It is however a convenient thing to have on hand from time to time. We have gone through the gamut of them: Clif, Kashi, Atkins (super-icky), various cereal brand bars. None have been winners, until we tried LARAbars. They are made from a base of dates and nuts. Some flavors have dried fruit added. And of course, they are a little on the spendy side. So when I noticed a link to a recipe for raw date bar on my profile, I had to give it a try. The ingredients and directions can be found here:
Date Raw Energy Bars.

They are delicious and easy. Everything takes a whirl in the food processor, then you press into a 9x13 baking sheet, and chill. You can cut them to whatever length works best for the size of your kid's appetite.
I have also found that you can substitute different types of nuts or seeds for the almonds or cashews.
I haven't tried yet to add dried fruit. And I add 1/2 cup water instead of just 3 tablespoons, making the bars a little softer, but also easier to chew.

I like Bob's Red Mill Date Crumbles. I've found there is no chance of pits that way. A pit in your food processor ..ugh.
I also often do half the amount of almonds and add in the remainder as sunflower seeds. 

This is the consistency with just the 3 tablespoons water. A little crumbly.

With 1/2 cup water, the 'dough' holds together and is easier to mold into the baking sheet. 

I line my baking sheet with wax paper before putting the 'dough' in. It makes it easy to turn the pan upside down after chilling to remove and slice into bar size. After pressing the dough into the pan using my hands, I put plastic wrap across it, and use my fondant roller to even out the thickness.
Date bar after chilling and slicing

H stealing and eating my date bar. :)


Sarah H said...

Good idea to get kids to try new things! You might like my date ball recipe and some smoothies too on my site:

Kelli said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe. I shared it with my readers at I'm always looking for healthy, tasty, easy snack recipes. Making snacks at home is so much better than the processed ones from the store.

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