Friday, May 18, 2012

The power of TV...and A to Z food

It has been a while since my last post. Honestly, this year I have undergone a combination of not wanting to blog, not having much to blog about due to a recent 'eating rut' on E's part, and a hectic paced project at work.
Then we went on a short trip and I was able to relax - a lot. E also had a well check where her pediatrician asked her directly about her eating habits. And she answered truthfully for the most part that she liked pizza, cheerios, pbj sandwiches and apples. She wasn't far from the mark. Throw in bananas and that was about what she ate for a couple months. So the doctor (who we LOVE) had an earnest chat about what happens if you eat only one or to foods and asked E to do her best to have 2 fruits or vegetables at every meal. The best thing is the challenge took! She has asked for it every meal, and got pretty upset one day when I had only one fruit because I had not gone grocery shopping.

But I was still in a bit of a rut about whether to blog or what to blog. Then I was catching up on some reading of other blogs, and came across the A to Z Challenge that occurred in April. Inspiration struck! I asked E what she thought about trying a new food every week that starts with each letter of the alphabet. She countered with why not have a fruit or vegetable that way? That got me a little worried because she tends to like her fruit and vegetables minimally prepared - raw, chopped tiny, and not mixed with other things. How boring would it be to post pics of sliced apple or little broccoli flora? Yes, exciting that she eats them, but my foodie side was screaming for a little attention. Okay, a LOT of attention.

I was stewing over what to do when we watched a Special Agent Oso episode where the challenge was to make 'Ants on a Log'. E asked, "Mom, does Ants on a Log start with A? Cause I want it for my A food when you start making me the A to Z." And so I found a way to begin what I've pegged the Making E the A to Z. My only rule or goal is to do one a week. And although the actual basic food may not begin with the letter of the week, we'll try to make up a catchy title for the recipe.

Making E the A to Z: Apples & Ants on a Log (apparently I still have to do a fruit or veggie starting with the veggie too! :) )
I used the more tender part of the celery and peeled the outer layer to minimize those tough fibers. Added a little peanut butter and Craisins for the ants. You can also try cream cheese, or just a  drizzle of honey to get the "ants" to stick.

She ate it and asked for more. YES!
I had to post a 'pre'-photo because she did the food arrangement herself. 


Anonymous said...

Wow - my son would never eat anything on her plate. I wish I could find help for how to feed him. It doesn't seem to me that you have a resistant eater at all if she'll eat all these new foods.

Janine White said...

She has become much better over the last year. Our biggest issue tends to be that she still goes through phases of about 6 to 8 weeks where she will eat only pizza, pbj, and apples.

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