Saturday, June 9, 2012

Making E the A to Z - D is for Dates

This was a tough one. I thought of exotic things like daikon and dragonfruit at first. Then I reminded myself it should be simple and at least available most of the year. I drew a blank on simple and healthy "D" foods. Things like 'Doritos' and 'Doughnuts' popped into my head. Possibly more a symptom of me yearning for some junk food.

One night this week, I was suffering a very bad headache, which I think made for some odd dreams. Oddly enough, in the middle of most of those dreams was a plate of dates. I don't care to try to interpret why those dates were in my dreams aside from that was going to be my D food. I have made Lara-style bars before, but for this post I kept the dates as is.

Hubby bought a package at the grocery store yesterday that were not pitted. I took a couple, sliced off a little of the top, and simply squeezed the pit out. Then I chopped each one into bite size (for picky kid) sizes. I wish I could have captured the look on camera. E's face did the classic scrunched up "EW". She touched one and lamented that it was sticky. "What does it taste like?", she asked. "Is it healthy? Why is it so brown and sticky?"
Yes, she is the 20 questions master these days. I convinced her to try one, that the amount on her plate was a healthy amount (more on that in a bit), and gave her a fork so her fingers didn't have to get sticky.  And she ate all of it. I'm not sure a daikon would have gone down so easily!
Date nutrition - one medjool date packs 1.5 g fiber and a little iron and calcium, but I personally wouldn't make it a big source of those nutrients, since each one also has 66 calories and 16 g sugar. That means each date is about 66% sugar. [One date weighs about 24g].
Source of nutrition data: USDA National Nutrient Database

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