Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making E the A to Z - F is for figs!

I was not sure I would do the A to Z this week. Emily and I are participating in a bicycle camp for special needs kids. It is called Bike First locally, but the mother company is nationwide and is called Lose the Training Wheels. The kids are basically taught how to ride a bicycle. It has been such an incredible experience to see kids, some of who never even touched a bicycle, go to riding on two wheels with a little help in 4 short days. Some of the parents cried when they saw their kids doing it. It was just wonderful and touching. It is also draining, because the coaches teach the parents how to spot and run along with the kids until they are doing it on their own. E and I have left every session quite tired.

Then this week when I was at New Seasons to get another ingredient, I saw a few cartons of mostly green figs sitting in the produce area. I almost squealed. Every year around mid-June I get really excited for fresh figs.  I love figs! Not dried ones, the fresh ones only. I look forward to them all year just like some people look forward to the McRib sandwich (no thanks, not for me).  I grabbed up a carton and let it sit on the counter for a few days to the figs to ripen. 

Ripe figs
I usually eat them all myself. Hubby also likes them but I almost don't want to share. I started thinking about F foods and I wondered if E would take to figs. The taste and texture is like a cross between a strawberry (because of the seeds) and a date. It's also easy to prep. Rinse off, chop off stems, and quarter - or eat whole if you don't have sensory issues! 

E gobbled them up. 
She ate them without the usual rigorous questioning and sniffing and so on when trying something new. Could be because she was so tired - which leads me to think that wearing her out before feeding her new stuff may become the primary strategy. 
She got on the two wheel bike without training wheels on the fourth day! 

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Bernie Hackler said...

Just found your Blog ( via Circle of Moms) and I'm interested in trying some of your tricks with my Autistic 4yr old. He's kinda in a PB&J / Turkey Sandwich cycle right now. Enjoyed the post re: "Why I'll never get pregnant again".

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