Friday, July 27, 2012

I sometimes live in deja vu land

Yesterday I received a comment on a post that gave a suggestion to make my headlines more attention-grabbing. It was all very nice and constructive until the end when it was suggested I visit Anonymous' website , which had something to do with sexual content. This is the reason I moderate my comments.
I know the bulk of bloggers are all about how many followers can I receive, and how can I garner more attention. I am not one of those. I know some of the material will be bland from time to time, or even repetitive. How many times can a person read about how a child is in an eating rut? :)
The truth of it is - that's  my life. It is a cycle of laying low during those harder 'I only eat this food' phases, and constantly trying, repeating many times over; because that is what it takes with an autistic child. There are many times, especially in the beginning, when I thought "okay, this again! Deja vu!"

The whole point of my blog was for it to be my journal in a way. It helped to alleviate the monotony of repetition for me, helped me analyze the new food experience after the fact, relieved the frustration. I can refer to it when I am out of ideas, as a reminder of tips that worked before. I was thrilled when I actually had a couple of followers, and excited when the first "I tried this and it worked" was sent to me. I am happy when it helps others, but the primary goal of this writing for me is still that it provides a release, a chance to express my own emotions if I need to.

So Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous commenter - thank you for the feedback, but please take your sales elsewhere!

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