Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making E the A to Z... G is for green peppers

After the figs, someone had a mini-anxiety attack over the fact that she had tried 5 new foods in a relatively short amount of time and reverted to not wanting anything new. Plus I wasn't sure what to do for G. Coming up with this stuff is frankly stumping me a little. Then my sis-in-law listed a few G foods, and I decided on green peppers.
I sliced them into super thin strips and threw in some yellow ones too.

She LICKED them first. Gah! This is something she used to do about 3 years ago when the occupational therapist was still helping us come up with different strategies. I thought we were well past licking. She proceeded to eat the rest of dinner, then kept looking at the green peppers and looking at me. I winced internally as I asked if she wanted ketchup to dip them in. (E has slowly asked for ketchup less and less recently.) "Ummm...ummm...no. Do I have to eat these?", she asked. "No, you don't", I replied. I was ready for adding this week to the failure list, when she grabbed the salt shaker, liberally sprinkled some over the strips, and ate a few. Then she cleared her plate and went off to her room. She didn't say she liked them, but she didn't gag either.

I am honestly over the moon. She has come so far in so many things, and I am given a tiny inkling of hope that she won't be like the character in the movie Temple Grandin - "I only eat yogurt and Jell-o". Maybe, just maybe my slightly less resistant eater might one day be a foodie like her mommy. And I will have to blog about something else.

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