Sunday, August 12, 2012

A to Z ... H is for ham but not at home...

Honestly, I don't get the difference between having a type of food outside of home or in the home. For most kids though, there appears to be either an appeal or subconscious pressure to eat it because their friends are.     Then when I try to replicate it at home, there is whining en masse.

The latest one of these was ham sandwiches. E's teacher swore up and down a couple weeks ago that she has been eating ham and cheese sandwiches on their field trips for summer camp. "", I said. E dislikes cheese unless it is melted on pizza, and is in a general anti-meat phase. She hasn't even touched chicken nuggets lately. (And I am actually okay with that!)

So I did a little investigative questioning of E and of the assistant teacher and it turns out that she has been eating them - she removes the cheese first though, so she has been eating deli thin sliced ham between bread and butter. It was worth a try at home. I mean how hard is it to make a ham sandwich different? Apparently very hard. I have tried 3 separate times using the thinnest ham I could find, whole wheat bread, super white bread, butter, ketchup....each time was met with a "do I have to eat that?"

The last time with ketchup was met with "Mother, ketchup is UNhealthy!" WHAT?!? From the kid who used to gobble 2 bottles of ketchup a week? I sort of noticed lately that she wasn't asking for seconds and thirds on the ketchup, and then she was hardly even dipping anything in it at all. It seems to me that while I am slightly disappointed over the ham sandwiches, I shouldn't be. I have to remind myself that she still eats quite a variety more than she used to, and the reduction in ketchup consumption is definitely a plus!

In other news of trying a new food, she tried rye bread yesterday. I made cheese fondue for the hubby and I. The kids actually threw a mini-tantrum over this because it was the dreaded cheese. Even after reassurance that it was not for them. *sigh*

Anyway, after I laid out the fondue with some rye bread, sausage slices, and apples for dipping, E asked if she could try the rye bread. She did and wanted some more. I told her that rye would be awesome with ham. The hubbysaid, "I'd eat that!" H and E replied,"Ham is a day care food."

Seriously, they said that! So there is obviously a time and a place in their minds for certain meals, which is fine with me for now.


Mal said...

That fondue looks awesome!

Mal @ The Chic Geek

mealtimehostage said...

I stumbled upon your blog looking for ideas to encourage my resistant eater son to try new foods. Thank you for sharing your ideas, frustrations, and those celebrated successes when they come. I look forward to following your blog. :)

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