Saturday, October 13, 2012

Making E the A to Z...J is for jalapeno

The two things I could think of for J foods were jicama and jalapeno. My sister-in-law thought of jambalaya and I was going to go with that but changed my mind when I perused some recipes. It has chicken, sausage, shrimp, rice. Three of those four things are not eaten by either kid at the moment. I felt defeated before even beginning. They both already eat jicama because it is similar to apples. I peel and serve in wedges and most of the time they think they are eating apples that are not as sweet as normal. Even if I tell them it's jicama, they think that is a fancy foreign word that means apple.

For lunch today, I made beef tacos and picked up some jalapeno poppers as well. I knew there was a 99% chance they would not be eaten by the kids, but the hubby and I will battle over them, so I knew they wouldn't be wasted.
Jalapeno poppers with cream cheese filling

I also picked up these baked Nacho Bites that have bits of jalapeno in them:

And you can really taste the jalapeno! 
So the verdict on the bites from E were she thought 'pizza' bites would be better. But she ate the jalapeno popper and said it was sour and spicy, kind of like pickles. (She loves pickles). 
While I don't think I can start putting jalapenoes in everything, I am encouraged that it is not a complete flop.

(The younger child did not even try the food. She is entering a major picky phase herself and I sometimes wonder if she needs her own blog!)

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