Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chinese food and chopsticks

It has been such a long time since my last post. We have stopped the "Making E the A to Z challenge". We certainly did not get to every letter, but it was a fun way to engage her into thinking about food. E has through the course of the last year gained some curiosity into how the food we put into our body can affect our body. And she has verbalized it too. This was something she hasn't really done before. It was always the gag reflex or what I called the "look" - a squint of disgust at what was on the plate. Not that those don't show up anymore, but at least there is now an explanation  -  "Mom, I don't like cheese because it makes my stomach hurt."

We have also stopped doing the challenge because it has become easier to ask E to help me make a grocery list of what foods she wants to eat that week. Then she shops with me to make sure we will have them. My only condition is there has to be one new item per week that she will try. She always agrees to it before we buy it, but does not always try it once on her plate. Nothing new there! The positive outcome of this though is that her flexibility has improved, and her attitude toward being flexible is much better.

Case in point - we recently changed her sister's gymnastics class to a weekday. On the way home, she always asks to stop at the bagel store for pizza bagels. One day, I agreed to but it was already closed. Her sister decided we should go to Panda Express instead. E hesitated for only a minute then asked if this could be her new food to try for that week. I said, "Sure!", and off we went. She ended up asking for chow mein noodles with honey walnut shrimp and orange chicken.

Honey Walnut Shrimp & Orange Chicken
It was amazing to me that she ate all of those items, and then asked for my potsticker! She also wanted to use my chopsticks, which did not go so well. But after some researching, I found these
Combi Kid's Chopsticks
Not only are they smaller, but they also have a little grip that prevents the sticks from slipping. Eventually, you remove the grip, and there is a circle that keeps the chopsticks together at the top, then you remove that. It is like a trainer set. Both H and E love them. 

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