Saturday, June 15, 2013

I think I am done...for now

I have considered for a long time now whether to continue this blog or not. When I started, I needed an outlet for my frustrations with my beautiful yet terribly resistant eater. Over time, I think I've become more patient and take any rejection of food less personally. I also believe that my daughter, E, has developed some small sense of adventure towards food - at least she will try a small bite of new foods some of the time, as opposed to outright refusal. Consequently, I have less to write about - at least in terms of her eating habits - and I have been thinking on and off that this blog has served its purpose for the time being.

My decision was made when she tried a piece of this:

Mushroom, Leek, and gorgonzola cheese galette
She didn't like it, but she tried it with a very enthusiastic "can I have that?"
And that was so very good to hear and feel. So it is on that note, that I will say this is possibly my last post here. 

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