Friday, February 7, 2014

30 day green smoothie challenge

It may not look that appetizing, but it is delicious. And it took just about 6 weeks of me having one every day for E to ask for a sip. We have had a lot of ups and downs with her eating over the years, but the one strategy that seems to work the best is for her to see her parents eating a certain food over and over.

After Thanksgiving last year, I decided to try a 30 day green smoothie challenge. I was feeling sluggish, and not eating much vegetables or fruit. I happened across this great website, Simple Green Smoothies, and signed up for the challenge. Every week, they would email a shopping list and 4 or 5 smoothie recipes.

The one in the photo had spinach, peaches, and avocado. It was one of my favorites and the one that E first tried. Since then, she actually asks me what will be in her morning smoothie. Ha, HER morning smoothie. :)

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